Hope 14 Day Money Finder Challenge

14 Day Money Finder Challenge

Find an Extra $200
in Just Two Weeks
With Hope

Day 12: Three Ways to Save Big in Lifestyle Expenses

Money Finder Challenge

Today we’ll “find” money you never knew you had!


Write down the categories you listed yesterday and decide how much you want to spend in each category next month—based on areas you’ve determined you could cut back in.

Let’s start finding money!

Yesterday, you listed all of your lifestyle expenses. Today, I want to help you think of some areas where you might be able to cut back on spending.

Gym Memberships: If you’re a gym rat, this won’t make sense for you. But if you only visit the gym a couple of times a month, you could ditch the membership and suddenly add a nice chunk of money back into your life! You guys, exercise is free! You don’t always need the cutting-edge treadmill with a television attached. At the very least, you could transfer your membership from a pricier gym to a more affordable one that offers the basics. The average person spends $58 per month on gym memberships. That’s almost $700 per year!

Coffee: If you spend $4 on “designer coffee” every day before work, that’s $20 per week on fancy coffee. That adds up to $1,040 per year! Is the coffee really that good? I’m not saying you need to give up the coffee habit, but simply cutting your coffee trips in half could save you a lot.

Subscriptions: What are you currently subscribed to, and are you getting your money’s worth? For example, is your Amazon Prime subscription getting used? Are you subscribed to several different streaming services—and could you consolidate to one? Or, if you still have cable or satellite TV, how much could you save by cutting the cord and switching to a streaming service?
So, where will you cut back?

Entertainment: $______________
Clothing: $______________
Hair/Nails/Personal Care: $______________
Subscriptions/Memberships: $______________
Other: $______________

Compare these numbers to the figures you entered yesterday. How much extra money did you find? Write down that number and put it away for later. If you’re using HOPE Budget Manager, reduce your planned amount for next month’s budget to reflect your newfound savings!

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Hope 14 Day Money Finder Challenge
Hope 14 Day Money Finder Challenge
Hope 14 Day Money Finder Challenge
Hope 14 Day Money Finder Challenge

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